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Tagged With: Project Status Reports

Create a one-page status report with Microsoft Project 2010

By Andrew Makar, August 8, 2013 See how easy it is to customize Microsoft Project 2010 to create a custom view that filters detailed tasks and highlights the major deliverables that need reviewing in a status report.

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Six Things To Avoid When Reporting Project Status

Written by Traci Lester on April 19th, 2012 by: Christopher R Goldsbury   Project status reporting can be, and often is, a gut-wrenching experience for a project manager.  The litany of pertinent, but tough questions from stakeholders, superiors, and key leaders may seem more like an inquisition than a level headed discussion about the state of … Continue reading »

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Project Status Reports: Why Bother?

Whilst Project Managers may diligently (and painstakingly) produce their status reports on a regular basis, many reports end up sitting idly in someone’s already crowded inbox (when they don’t make their way directly to the trash can). So why should you bother putting a (good) status report together in the first place?

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5 Ways to Make Your Status Reports Better

One of the best tools you have for keeping interested parties up to date is the status report which you will send out on a regular basis. You will probably send this out by email and won’t even know who reads it and who ignores it. However, it is safe to assume that this document … Continue reading »

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How to Write an Interesting Progress Report for Projects

By Stanley E. Portny from Project Management For Dummies, 3rd Edition As a project manager, you write progress reports to let people know how the project is going. When you write your project-progress report, make sure it’s interesting and tells the appropriate people what they need to know. After all, you don’t want your report to end up … Continue reading »

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